Blanket versus Target-Focus


As the saying goes “There are many ways to skin a cat”.

Similarly, there are many ways to kill household pests. Commercially in household pest control market, regardless what methods are being applied, pesticide is commonly used.

It is also interesting to note that almost all pesticides used in the household market are coming from the agricultural sector.

Blanket spraying of pesticides at an agricultural farm

Whilst the use of pesticides in the agricultural sector is generally under tight control from many governing bodies, the use of pesticides in the household sector is generally more relax.

The household pest control market has also adapted a lot of pesticide application methods from the agricultural sector.

One of these methods are called “Blanket Spraying”, where pesticide solution is sprayed like laying down blankets on surfaces regardless the presence of pests. The whole idea is to kill everything on the surfaces and hopes that the spray residues will take care the rest.

Mosquito Fogging, a form of blanket spraying

It is undeniable that blanket spraying is the more suitable method when there are pest outbreaks. It is however an exaggeration when used in regular pest control rounds.

Blanket Spraying of household pests

The advance of the society has made us more aware about the danger of overuse of pesticides in the household sector. This has led to the development of some safer application methods. One of these is the Target-focused pest baiting method.

Pests Baiting

Pest Baiting uses pesticide as usual but in very small quantity. It is applied on locations where a particular pest gathers, hides or forages and let the pest feeds on it.

Due to the minute quality of pesticide used, most pest baits would not kill the targeted pests immediately. This would allow pests to bring them back to their nest or hiding places and feed to others. By doing so, total control or elimination of the treated pests could be achieved.

The Target-focused method is not only cutting down the amount of pesticides used, it is a more effective method to control household pests.

Unlike the Blanket-spraying method, the Target-focused baiting method however needs trained operators!


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